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Wasp Deluxe

Updated: 2004-02-17

Finally I found my first EDP-machine with moving keys, the Wasp Deluxe. It's basically a standard Wasp but with a real keyboard. There are other differencies as well though...

It was a quite funny story. In my endless search of EDP-models I still miss I searched the net and mailed all the guys I found that owned one and didn't seem to cherish it beyond all hope (i e, not the collectors!). I found an entry in a guestbook and heard nothing until almost a year later when the owner had decided to sell and had kept (!) my mail "just in case"... We agreed on a decent price (very decent if you ask me and the "market") and a week later I picked it up. 

Now to the Wasp Deluxe and it's features - first of all the housing is so much bigger (approx like a Korg Mono/Poly) and it also weights more than three times what a standard Wasp does not to mention the logos which are HUGE! It's made of real wood (brasilian mahogny if you read the bragging in one of the product catalogues, not very environmentally correct these days). The bottom though is cheapo fake wood. It has a sturdy steel panel, far better than both the standard and the special models. 

The fitted speaker is bigger, the circuit board is re-designed and has wider spacing between potentiometers as well as the added features of oscillator mixer and audio in! The audio in however, is routed right into the place where the "off" position of the waveform selector normally is, without any resistance whatsoever! The knobs are the same as the second generation of the standard Wasp. Though the case is so big it still has external PSU or battery to rely on which is strange 'cause there is so much extra space inside...

My copy is rumoured to have belonged to a Guy who worked as a Sales Manager at EDP back in the days. The stir stick was made for him and it controls pitch horisontally and cutoff vertically. Pitch control can be defeated via the red push button beside it. The other red button is a spring-back button defeating pitch modulation of the oscillator by the LFO and is obviously intended as a performance control. The last button (by the speaker) was added by the former owner and kills the hum from the speaker (and the speaker).

In one of the mails from a former employee at EDP he wrote me and said that few Wasp Deluxes found their way outside "the inner core", meaning that few except the employees and their friends ever bought a Deluxe model. Adrian Wagner describes it as "an ergonomic failure" because the weight and design is crappy if you want to place it on top of a Rhodes piano... It simply falls off!

The Wasp Deluxe has like most of the wooden models a small handwritten sticker underneath that holds the serial number. In this case 4034 (40 seems to be the model number and 34 the number in the production run). But a peak inside shows a better looking label that confirms the handwritten one.

EDP Wasp Deluxe specifications;

Keyboard 37 keys, 3 octaves
Oscillators FCO's (DCO's), switchable between ramp, pulsewidth (osc 1), square (osc 2)
Filter 12 dB/oct, switchable between lowpass, bandpass (6 dB/oct), highpass (and famous indeed!)
Envelopes ADS(incl repeat) & AD+Delay (incl repeat)
LFO sine, ramp, sawtooth, square, noise, sample & hold (called random)
Noise generator white
Connections line out, phones out, power in, audio in, EDP link in, EDP link out/through
Housing wood and steel
Dimensions 730 x 460 x 145 mm
Weight approx. 7 kg
Released 1979
Quantity produced approx. 50 ("no more than 100" according to EDP themselves)
Pros Looks good, sounds amazing, external in to filter so no need for a crappy Doepfer/MAM-copy of the filter design...
Cons Quite expensive if you're just after the sound (then buy a standard model). Interfacing is messy without wrecking the Wasp or getting an external midi converter that converts to the EDP-link system... (not many do)
Price? (bargain,
fair, horrible)
$900, 1400, 1900

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