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Machinepop is Jesper, normally composing tunes and writing lyrics for Tinúviel, a Tolkien-inspired electronic band. Earlier sins include the parody duo S.P.Ä.C.K together with Johan Billing which made covers of S.P.O.C.K tracks and added swedish lyrics, not about space, but about S.P.O.C.K. ;) Even earlier and mostly teenage sins were called Electronic Puppets, Klaustrophobia, Exult In Euthanasia and other bad names. Rumour says stuff exists on tape...

Machinepop started the Easter of 2001 as a reaction to an interview with swedish EBM/industrial gurus Covenant. In that particular interview they mentioned that they created a track in two hours and cut out of the context this sounded stupid indeed.

With this in mind Machinepop composed, wrote, recorded and mixed two tracks in the following two days. The result resembled Telex and The Normal far more than Covenant, but that was also part of the plan.

The tracks became the debut demo CD-single which features "Minimal Man" and "Flicka Av Plexiglas". Minimal Man was chosen as the title mainly because it suited the cover layout better. The debut disc was made in a numbered limited edition of 100 copies, all in hand made paper sleeves. Soon the singles found their way all around this little green globe of ours. As far as Machinepop kept track it can be heard on at least four continents.

In 2002 Machinepop was approached by newly founded 4MG Records who planned a compilation of electronic music and wanted to include "Flicka Av Plexiglas". Machinepop thought of the collectors out there and wasn't keen on releasing that track, especially since many buyers of the original disc would've wanted louder and more easily interpretable vocals. The solution was a re-recording of the track as far as vocals and some synth parts was concerned. The re-recorded version was called "Vocal Retake Remix" since it was exactly that. But since the remix name was forgotten on the sleeve for the compilation "Melodies & Structures Volume 1" few knows this.

Later in 2002 Jesper became a father, in 2003 both the family and the studio moved with all the trouble that comes with that. All the synthesizers was unconnected for almost a year. :(

Some faithful fans kept shouting for more and in 2004 two tracks was composed in mind. This sounds spaced-out indeed but isn't that uncommon in the case of Jesper's writing at least. Melodies pop up in his head while driving to work or watching some lousy TV-show. The lyrics for "Stroboskop" was written down but not until late in 2005 the track received a full score and was recorded around christmas. The goal was a compilation planned for release in early 2006.

The compilation was delayed, but an old idea which was discussed a few years earlier with ImiAFan of 4MG Records resurfaced. It was to make a split release with two tracks each and in February of 2006 the work on this was started. Stroboskop was already finished and as second track was the other already mind-composed track "Electronic Dream Plant" chosen. As so often before, work and private life plus some messy communication with the pressing plant delayed the release to August, but as I write this the testpressings have been OK'd and we're awaiting the final batch of 500 copies, 250 delivered to each label to be fitted with covers and inserts etc.

electronically yours, jesper

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