MACHINEPOP - discography








2001 - "Minimal Man", EO 001

1 - Minimal Man

2 - Flicka Av Plexiglas

CDR in 100 numbered copies on Electronic Obsession. The covers is handmade in yellow paper and to the center of each front sleeve a small 5 x 5 cm photograph was glued. This photo exists in three different versions and they're all part of one larger 10 x 15 photo which is an angled close-up of an EDP Wasp, the synthesiser model closest to the heart of Machinepop (and Jesper).  The different versions are referred to as "oscillator version", "LFO version" and "filter version" since that's basically the part of the front panel each photo displays. The first 48 (or was it 46?) singles are numbered by hand while the rest are printed. The first 50 was sold during the first two months or so after the release in April.


2003 - "Melodies & Structures Volume 1", 4MGCD01

8 - Flicka Av Plexiglas (Vocal Retake Remix)

CD in projected 800 copies on 4MG Records but "only" 500 were printed. Compilation album with mostly unknown acts from all over the world. Notable are Adrian Smith of Click Click with his solo project PaPERHOUsE who also designed the cover, a gatefold papersleeve. Other artists include; Kitten Majestique, Cabaret, The Only Michael, Northern Electric, ImiAFan, Martin Burlas, Abuse, Krelisys, Sintetik, Napalmed and of course Machinepop. Machinepop participates with "Flicka Av Plexiglas" in a vocal retake remix, basically meaning that the lyrics was re-recorded with another vocoder and differently mixed which added some clarity to the vocals which was quite obscured on the original demo due to crappy vocoder and not the best production skills. The remix name was forgotten on the sleeve so there is no visible sign that it's a different version.


2006 - "Machinepop / ImiAFan", EO 002 / 4MG0701

A1 - Stroboskop

A2 - Electronic Dream Plant

Split vinyl EP with four tracks, two with Machinepop and two with ImiAFan. This is a joint release between Electronic Obsession and 4MG Records. 250 copies was released on each label and they have different sleeve designs and inserts but all are numbered. The Electronic Obsession version has a black sleeve with a 10 x 15 centimeter photo glued to the front. This photo exists in three different versions just like on the debut. The pictures are once again close-ups of the EDP Wasp, but this time the Deluxe model. The different versions are referred to in the same way as before; "oscillator version", "LFO version" and "filter version" for the same reasons as before. Included inside is a small sheet of yellow paper with lyrics on one side and all necessary info on the other. The Machinepop side of the disc also bears a small sticker, covering the disc's hole. This sticker not only mentions which side is which but also bears the limited edition number.

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