It's not easy to fix 30+ instruments, mixer, plenty of effects and tonnes of other stuff you need around you in a studio of 11 square meters...

The current setup contains about thirty-five synthesizers (including drum synths), mixing console and effects along with computer, hard disc portastudio, theremin, guitar, bass and microphone stands, some nostalgic crap and a few costumised things that helps life in the studio... The drum set has moved into the living room.

A fairly recent picture with my daughter at the controls. And even more recent picture of a lot of synths. And last but not least, the ever-changing rack and yours truly.

Accessit Great British Spring (Stereo XLR, pipe type spring reverb)

a.k.a. ”the reverb bazooka”. I can't remember the time when I was forced to live without it...

Accessit Great British Spring (almost-rack unit, spring reverb)

Brown steel isn't sexy. Quirky little reverb, nice to push to the limit.

Accessit Stereo Reverberation Controller (reverb controller and EQ)

Friend of the brown box. Necessary but limited in functions. And brown plastic this time – shoot the designer!

Akai X335i (EWI-like headset breath controller)

Few have even seen one – I own one and modified the VX-600 to use them together. Expressive and odd.

Akai VX-600 (synth, modified to receive signals from X335i)

”Poor man's Xpander”. Modulation matrix, six voices, plenty of CEM's under the hood and compact design indeed.

AKG BX-2 (x2) (spring reverb)

If the Accessit is the bozooka, this is what you load it with. 50 cm pipes. Looking pretty nice and sounding great.

AKG K-66 (headphones)

Need those when the kids are asleep... But the plastic design crackles of you chew a gum or speak. Annoying!

Alesis 3630 (compressor/gate)

Quite awful and cheap rack unit. I use it mainly as gate for the entire studio when the hiss gets too irritating...

Alesis ModFX Ampliton (tremolo/autopan effect)

Series of small digital table top units. Fun to mess around with, preferably in series...

Alesis ModFX Bitrman (multieffect/bitreducer)

Crunch time... bit reducer and other versions of sonic mayhem. One of few lovely digital effects from recent days.

Alesis ModFX Faze (phaser)

Cheap and easy to use. Something I would consider on tour when the analogue stuff is to messy to move...

Alesis ModFX Metavox (vocoder)

Cool vocoder. Not studio standard exactly, but nice on drums and for general weirdness.

Alesis ModFX Philtre (filter)

Useful, but not very exciting if you have other filters around. But good for experiments on the fly.

Alesis ModFX Phlngr (flanger)

Another of those small boxes that work well in series. Great idea by Alesis anyway...

Alesis ModFX Smashup (compressor/de-esser)

Always a good idea with a small portable compressor I guess. Especially last in a ModFX-chain.

Alesis Midiverb 4 (multieffect)

Back in the days I thought digital effects was the thing. Now I mainly use the pitch shifter in this one.

Aolong 1231 (equalizer)

The chinese cannot spell, or what about ”intput”? Apparently a DBX clone (I think) and doing a good job at that.

Armstrong Flute

I was ten and ”Against All Winds” was the TV-series theme I wanted to play. I still have the flute and sometimes use it.

ARP Avatar (with pickup) (synth)

The pitchtracking of the pickup seems broken, but a good way to get the late Odyssey-sound. Bloody heavy BTW!

ARP Odyssey Mark I (synth)

People can say what they want – in my agenda 12 dB filter is the best sounding type. The white's the best looking Odyssey too. Modified with CV, gate and trig control inputs.

Atari 1040 STfm (+2 spares) (computer)

Tightest midi and reliable functions. Why choose PC when there is the Atari with 1 Mb of memory?

Atari Mega ST4 (computer)

Bigger brother with more memory. With the added SatanDisk this makes silence golden.

Atari Megafile 60 (external harddrive)

Retired at the arrival of SatanDisk.

Atari SM-124 (+2 spares) (monitor)

Small but doing it's job. Also fits perfectly beside the mixer in my setup with integrated racks.

BBE Sonic Maximizer 422A

Mastering tool. Some EQ hocus pocus going on which attenuates the ”right” frequencies.

Behringer (guitar amplifier)

Overdrive and put a microphone in front. Or simply use it to rest your tired legs on. ;)

Behringer (guitar)

This I bought to use with the ARP Avatar. Now I only fool around and play along with Joy Division on the hifi system.

Behringer (x3) (microphones)

Sure – laugh... They're great for experiments and for recording oddness from the amplifier.

Behringer BTR-2000 (rack tuner)

Rack tuner. Useful for all those analogue machines that drifts over time...

Behringer Ultrapatch 2000 (x6) (patchbay)

Does their job and they don't make a sound so they can't harm the it like other Behringer units.

Boss GL-100 (dist/overdrive)

A really mental dist/guitar driver. The kids call it old school, I call it useful indeed with analogue synths.

Casio FZ-1 (+1 spare) (sampler)

My first machine but nowadays mainly a very good master keyboard to control the rest with.

Clarke/Sfregola CC+ (chroma mod and midi interface)

The old beast now accepts CC-commands which means tweaking patches is a lot more fun!

Dali 102 (pair) (speakers)

My teenage boy room speakers still does a good job. I prefer these to neutral monitors. I guess I'm used to them.

DBX 266 Project 1 (compressor/gate)

Decent compressor and gate. Takes the noise away from the Sid Station and other annoying leaking machines.

Digitech Vocalist VHM5 (harmonizer)

Digital harmonizer in tabletop format. Mainly used on vocals.

DOD FX55-B Supra Distortion (distortion effect)

Small red box I bought cheap. With the knobs cranked to the max it shreds most things to pieces. I guess that's the point.

Doepfer Drehbank (midi controller)

Only used with the Rhodes Chroma. Programmed to control everything inside the Chroma via control change commands.

Denon AH-D650 (headphones)

Where have I put these? They're not thrown out – I know that for sure. Thin plastic design but good sound.

Denon DCD-695 (cd-player)

Another retired old friend. Now used when I want to sample something or simply get inspiration from CD books etc.

Dynacord TAM-19 (flanger/chorus)

TAM means ”Time Axis Manipulation”. That says it all. Noone really understands it – but it always surprises. Mostly good.

EES Midi-Chroma-Midi (nowadays unused) (midi interface)

The midiinterface that came with my Chroma. German design in ugly metal box. Retired.

Electro-Harmonix Clap Track (drum synth)

The Space Drum is best known E-H drum box but this is more useful though it sounds more like finger snaps than claps.

Electro-Harmonix Crash Pad (drum synth)

Decent cymbal sound if you think about the little box and the few components inside.

Electronic Dream Plant Caterpillar (controller keyboard)

An EDP-collector like me needs the polyphonic Wasp controller. Stylish and cool when all are plugged into it.

Electronic Dream Plant Gnat (synth)

Almost as small as a TB-303 but with more variety and better looking (only according to me maybe). Amazing synth.

Electronic Dream Plant Gnat Special (synth)

Like the above but without the built in speaker, but with wooden box, inverted keyboard and built in PSU.

Electronic Dream Plant Spider (sequencer)  

Quirky little sequencer to control Wasp or Gnat with. Mine works (which is rare) but I seldom use it.

Electronic Dream Plant Wasp (synth)

My favourite synth in many aspects. Best machine compared to weight and size. The designer, Chris Huggett, is my hero. :)

Electronic Dream Plant Wasp Deluxe (synth, factory modified with joystick)

Real keys, external input through the great filter, oscillator mixer and stylish and large indeed.

Electronic Dream Plant Wasp Special (synth)

Like the standard Wasp but without the built in speaker, but with wooden box, inverted keyboard and built in PSU.

E-mu ESI-32 (sampler)

Rack sampler. Mine is expanded to 32 Mb and comes with external drive, CD-reader and SyQuest drive.

DMS Wasp Keyboard Controller (prototype – serial 1!)

Supplement to the Wasp for those who wanted moving keys. I bought the first ever direct from Adrian Wagner.

Elektron (Poland) SDL-2000 (digital delay)

Odd rack size (5 cm high, but 19” wide) and crunchy digital effects available. I love this eastern european weirdness.

Elektron (Sweden) SidStation ( synth, blue chassis)

Legendary machine that makes use of the C64 sound chip. Video game sounds and mine is one of two blue units.

Evans ES-5 (x2) (tape echo)

Good and sturdy tape echo with swell, repeat and echo settings. No sound on sound though.

Fostex D2424LV (digital multitracker)

24 channel recorder with detachable front panel. I keep it in the room next to the studio to eliminate fan noise.

Groove Electronics Stinger (synth)

Ignore all rumours, this is not two Wasps in a rack – it's two clones in a rack with a lot of extra features. Rare as hens teeth.

Hill Audio Remix 24-16-8-2 (24 channel mixer console)

When digital mixers was new and cool I was given this for free. Historic piece from Stadt Hamburg in Malmö, Sweden.

Ibanez HD-1000 (digital delay)

Early digital effect with hold function and low quality delay. Great to spice up drum patterns.

Irish tin flute

Mainly a toy, but even toys are useful to create ideas or to add something here and there.

Jaw's harp 

Same here and with my love for nordic folk music it's inspiring. I've even used it on some tracks.

Jim Dunlop HT-1 (talk box)

A speaker in a box and a garden hose, how cool is that? Very cool! ;)

JJ Labs J009 (microphone)

Don't scratch your beard when in the same room and this is on. Sensitive and good.

Jookie's SatanDisk (SD hard drive)

Atari modified SD-reader/writer. Eliminates all noisy and unreliable Atari drives from the studio. Faster access too.

Kawai MAV-8 (midi router)

I mainly switch between controllers and route them to the Atari, seldom the other way around.

Kenton Pro-4 (x5) (midi converter)

Still the best midi converter for a guy like me and the most bang for the bucks. Or I wouldn't have owned five!

Knüttel EPU (drumsynth)

A one-off drum synth built for Tangerine Dream back in the 70's. Cheesy but with history to knock you off your feet.

Korg CA-20 (chromatic tuner)

Small but useful with annoying 70's beasts that drift when the temperature rises or drops in the studio.

Korg D-16 (HD recorder/mixer)

Dated, but I know it by heart and still uses it. Expanded to 20 Gb.

Korg Mono/Poly (synth)

Classic beast, flexible and reliable. I often use it as carrier for vocoded vocals.

Korg MS-10 (synth)

Lost mine in a trade, missed it and bought a battered one on Ebay. Made a new case and dropped the keyboard.

Korg MS-20 (synth)

THE classic semi-modular. We swedish synth-maniacs refers to it as the Volvo. Sturdy and everyone has got one. :)

Logan String Melody II (string synth)

Great italian string machine. A good complement to the SS-30 with a ”bouncier” sound. I plan to add midi to mine.

Marantz PM-550DC (amplifier)

Drives the speakers. Plenty of ins and outs and supports two sets of speakers. Good for referens listening.

Marenius Audio Design VCA-88 (CV-attenuator)

A one-off designed for a theatre (according to Marenius himself). I velocity control volume of some synths with it.

Monarch MMX-88 (mixer/reverb)

About to be slaughtered for the wicked BBD. I'll keep one channel as a rack unit 'cause it's juicy when overdriven.

Moog Minimoog (synth with Kenton midi installed)

First owner was ABBA tour musician Woijtech Ernest. Old oscillator board, born in 1974 (like me!).

Moog Taurus 2 (synth)

A Rogue with pedals instead of keys. Simple but stylish and I got it cheap and the pedals for free. (Thanks Hans!)

Moog Taurus 2 (pedal controller)

Heavy indeed but I plan to use them live one day. They look amazing if nothing else.

Music Aid (Simmons) Clap Trap (drum synth)

The classic ”clap in a box”. Mine is the eighth off the assembly line. Quite convincing so I can see why it was such a success.

Music & More AFB-8 (x2) (filterbank)

Great for that additional sound scaping tweak or to eliminate unwanted flaws in a specific sound.

Music & More RS-03 (resonator)

The PS-3100 resonator clone. Sounds amazing on strings and warm pads. A close friend of my Yamaha SS-30.

Neutrik Patch (patchbay)

Sturdy and good patchbay. 24 synths rigged via this to the mixer channel inputs.

Oberheim SEM (synth)

Legendary module. Mine was a ”one-voice” modified as a guitar synth. Now modified with patch panel and new case.

Octave Cat SRM (synth)

The most famous lawsuit synth. Screaming filter and lovely design. ARP-ish look but juicy SSM-filter inside.

Oliver Kirschning Atari 1040 Chroma Editor (editor program/sequencer)

Editor and library program for the Chroma. I mainly use the library function these days.

Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCar (synth)

Legendary hybrid synth. Mine is factory modded with waveform multiplier for each channel. One of 50 hand built units.

Paia/Wasteland Theremvinyl (theremin)

Paia kit theremin assembled by me in a custom case made out of six vinyl records.

Pearl Syncussion SY-1 pad (x2) (drumpad)

The tom controllers for the Syncussion synthesizer. White toms with dynamic speaker pickup.

Pearl Syncussion SY-1 (drumsynth)

One of the first drum synths. Six waveform channels with great sonic variety. Useful indeed! Comes with original bag.

Pollard Syndrum pad (x4) (drumpad)

Pads for the Syndrum Quad 478. Clear acrylic pads with revolutionary mesh heads and dynamic speaker pickup.

Pollard Syndrum Quad 478 (drumsynth)

Early drum synth. Four channels with all those pings and LFO-controlled sweeps made famous by YMO.

Psionics QG4 (quad gate) (x2)

Quad gate mostly used on noisy drums and synths. Does it's job great.

Realton Variophon Gig (x4) (wind synthesizer)

Another legend. The studio version of the german wind synthesizer. Space for 6 sound modules. Expressive and great!

Realton Variophon Keyboard (keyboard) (x2)

Keyboard controller version of the jetstream controller. Hand held breath unit and 2½ octave keyboard with glide switch.

Realton Variophon melodica controller (wind controller)

Hand held melodica controller for the Variophon. Pistol grip with glide switch.

Realton Variophon sound cards  
(incl. saxophone, soprano saxophone, fagott, klarinette, trompete, panflöte, posaune, oboe, tuba and mundharmonika)

The epoxy-covered sound cards for the Variophon wind units. 12 different were commercially available and a Flute exists as a prototype. I have many spares so let me know if you have trades to offer!

Rhodes Chroma (synth)

One of the best polysynths ever, with weighted keys and plenty of CEMs. Mine has added CC+ midi, new PSU and is the Chroma featured in ”Synths von Gestern”.

Rhodes Chroma sustain/release pedal (pedal)

Original pedals for the Rhodes Chroma.

Rhodes Chroma aux pedal (pedal)

Original control pedal for the Rhodes Chroma.

Roland GI-10 (guitar to midi interface)

Pitch to midi converter designed for guitars but useful since it has a microphone input. I hum ideas into midi with this!

Roland SH-09 (synth)

My first analogue synth. Small and limited but good Roland design and perfect with the ”minimoog mod” (headphones out -> external in).

Roland SH-5 (synth)

Flagship monosynth with flexible routing built into it's flight case. Great fixed bandpass filter.

Roland SVC-350 (vocoder)

The rack version of Roland's famous vocoder. Used mostly for vocals but sometimes on synths and drums too...

Sequential Circuits Pro-One (synth)

Legendary monosynth, basically a one-voice Prophet 5. Swedish original import with bolted PSU so no mess there...

Sherman Filterbank 2 (multieffect)

The techno producers favourite. Tube filtering and other sonic weirdness in angled 2U rack.

Siel Mono (synth)

Ugly italian monosynth with DCO's. Mine have I added midi to and now it accepts 5 octaves of midi and the bass is deeeeeep!

Simmons EPB (e-prom blower)

Quirky and limited sampler and e-prom burner designed for the SDS-7 and SDS-1.

Simmons SDS-1 (x 2) (drumsynth/pad)

Integrated digital drum synth and pad controller. Useful run generator to vary the sound.

Simmons SDS-2 (drumsynth)

Modified original or a fake? A basic ping- and tsch-drum synth with trigger inputs and two factory memories.

Simmons/MusicAid SDS-III (drumsynth)

First commercial product from Simmons. Four analogue drum synth channels with effects channel and run generator. Amazing analogue punch with Moog filter and lovely design!

Simmons/Premier SDS-III twin pads (x2) (drum pads)

Pair mounted tom pad controllers for the SDS-III. Dynamic speaker pickup.

Simmons/MusicAid SDS-IV (drumsynth)

Cut down version of the SDS-III with two channels and no effect channel. But the same juicy filters and lovely design.

Simmons/Premier SDS-IV twin pads (drum pads)

Pair mounted tom pad controller for the SDS-IV. Dynamic speaker pickup.

Simmons SDS-V (drumsynth)

The sound of the 80's in a rack unit. :) My unit is fully expanded with cymbal and hihat cards along with the original bass, snare and toms.

Simmons SDS-V bass pad (drumpad)

Mark 1 of the SDS-V bass pad. Hard acrylic surface and aluminium rims. Black shell and surface.

Simmons SDS-7 (drumsynth)

Analogue-digital hybrid drum synth. Mine was bought from 90's Ultravox drummer Tony Holmes (he still owes me the controller pad!) and is equipped with 2x bass, 2x snare and 4x custom octaban eproms.

Simmons TMI (trig convertor)

Five trigger inputs are converted into midi channels. Good mapping options but some problems with crosstalk.

SM Pro Audio OC-8 (compressor)

Nice low-cost optocompressor. Mainly used on vocals and polysynths.

SPL Vitalizer Jack (sound enhancer)

Rack unit designed to enhance the stereo width and sonic appeal of the master outputs.

Star Instruments Synare PS-1 (drumsynth)

Odd and early drum synth. Built like a tank with integrated hitting surfaces. My unit was treated like a tank in war. I've added kadi control to it.

Steinberg Cubase 2.0 (sequencer program)

Revolutionary sequencer program designed for the Atari and still in use in PC and Mac environments.

Steinberg Cubase 3.1 (sequencer program)

I accidentally destroyed the key/dongle so I cannot use it anymore. If you have akey to spare, please let me know...

Steinberg Midex + (midi interface)

Hardware add-on to the Atari which expands it to 80 midi output channels and 3 inputs.

Tama TS-206 (drum synth)

Two-channel drumsynth. Made up of the synth and clap channels of TS-306. I got it for the great clap.

TOA (wireless microphone system)

Old wireless system mainly used for effects experimentation.

Ultimate Percussion K2-X (drumsynth)

Rare drum synth with eight identical channels and standard components but with a great sound. Six preset rhythms too.

Unknown (flute)

For those freestyling moments. :)

Urals Vector (Formanta factory) Lider-2 (guitar synth/multi effect)

Russian guitar synth/effects unit. Includes tone control, echo, chorus etc. Great looking and sturdy blue steel.

Urals Vector (Formanta factory) Polivoks (synth)

The most famous russian synth. Monophonic and with, a very reliable but awful to play, keyboard. Mine is modified with CV and gate inputs.

Urals Vector (Formanta factory) Polivoks filter pedal (pedal)

Original filter pedal for the Polivoks synthesizer.

Wasteland Atari Remote Keys (computer remote keyboard)

Custom made remote keyboard for the Atari 1040 computer. Retired.

Wasteland Cattlefish (trigger cable merger)

Custom design. Originally built as a drum pad trigger stage box. Now in use as a cv/gate stage box.

Wasteland EDP Dragonfly (midi/link switcher)

Custom rack unit to switch between midi and caterpillar control of my EDP synthesizers. Stashed away at the moment.

Wasteland Octopus (kadi/cable splitter)

Custom design. Originally built as a drum pad trigger rack splitter box. Now in use as a cv/gate stage box.

Wasteland Twice-A-Manipulator (physical filter)

Custom built effect. Designed to be a combined talk box/acoustic reverb overdrive but the talk box was never completed.

Yamaha E-1010 (analogue delay)

Classic analogue delay in rack. Quite noisy but worth every hiss with it's great BBD-design. Mine misses a buttom – would love a spare.

Yamaha CP-35 (electric piano)

Analogue piano which emulates Rhodes' and Wurlitzers etc. I found mine at the local recycling station and saved it from a certain death. Heavy but very funky built in it's own flight case.

Yamaha CS-30 (synth)

The biggest and best analogue monosynth from Yamaha. Weirdness in a box and comes with built in 8-step sequencer. I've added external CV filter control inputs to mine.

Yamaha SS-30 (string synth)

The 80's string sound found on so many Ultravox tracks. Ugly fake wood but I love the sound and have added midi to mine.

Zoom Studio 1201 (multieffect)

Cheap digital effect. My first effect and these days mainly used as a scratch pad effect when composing. Nice to overdrive.

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